UPROAR: Malta Reacts following the Incident involving Ix-Charmaine Nazzjonali


Following an incident which happened yesterday outside TVM’s Studios, involving Ix-Charmaine Nazzjonali, aka The Superintendent of Public Health, Prof Charmaine Gauci, many people took to their social to support Prof Gauci and all that she is doing!

We had to stop taking screenshots at a point, as there were quite a few. These are some of the best ones.



Some people took it really personally.



Others stated what, to most of us, is the obvious.




And tying to the above comment, there were those who kept their comment with the Good Friday theme, whilst others who already turned her into a Santa




These and many others go into the collection of comments which Prof Gauci has been receiving over the past weeks, when she became a regular fixture on our TV Screens, on our Tablets, on our phones, insomma – everywhere. Just for the fun of it, below are some of those best ones.





A Fan-Page has also been set up – and yes, we Liked it!


All of us at 89.7 Bay would like to thank Professor Gauci, and the Army of courageous men and women in hospitals, at the swabbing hubs, in pharmacies, in the call centres, in the homes for the elderly, and anywhere else, who were on the front line at heart of this outbreak.

Thank you for keeping us all safe!

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