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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Persons Arrested in Relation to the Double Homicide in Sliema, following a Raid in Floriana


UPDATE 15:19 with Video

Police have arrested an foreign man, with reports saying that he is known to the police, and who is allegedly the mastermind behind the double murder in Sliema last week, which shocked the nation, and which claimed the lives of Christian Pandolfino and his partner Ivor Maciejowski.



The man, a 29-year old, who is currently on bail, was also involved in a Diamonds-International Robbery some years ago, and it is highly probable that items that were seized from the residence in Floriana will help the police in other investigations, apart from the double homicide.

It is also being reported that a Maltese person has also been arrested.






Photos: Television Malta




A raid by the Malta Police Force is currently underway in Floriana, in what seems to be an abandoned residence, where, it is believed that two persons have been arrested in relation to the double murder which took place last week in Sliema. It is being reported that a foreign man, who was involved in a robbery some years ago, as well as a Maltese man.

Reports are also saying that a firearm was also seized from the residence.


This is a developing story. 


Photos: NET / ONE