UPDATED: Coronavirus in Numbers

We have had quite a reaction to our Coronavirus in Numbers article which we posted last week, so we figured with the dawn of a new month, and a new week, we would update you with what the COVID-19 Saga is looking like at the moment.

At the moment there are 89,240 Cases all over the world, with 80,026 cases in China; 4,335 Cases in South Korea; and, 1,701 Cases in Italy.

40,976 is the amount of current Active Cases, with 82% being Mild Cases and only 18% being critical.

48,264 is the amount of current Closed Cases, with 94% having Recovered, and 6% are unfortunately deaths.

Our advice is yet again, very simple! We should care for our lives always, and not only when we are afraid of some virus or other hitting our shores…oh, and don’t forget to wash your hands! Most importantly, keep calm, and don’t panic!

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