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WATCH: Terror Attack Leaves Five Dead, Including the ‘Islamist Terrorist’ Seen In This Exclusive Footage


Last night’s terror attack in Vienna left five dead, including one of the ‘islamist terrorists’ who went on a shooting spree in the heart of the Austrian capital.

While many of the initial reports suggested the attack was at the Stadttempel synagogue, the Jewish community of Vienna Oskar Deutsch, confirmed the temple and nearby offices were closed at the time.



Authorities have confirmed that this was not a single shooting attack but spread across six different locations. It’s unclear if these were the same attackers moving to six different locations or simultaneous attacks.

Bay News also Spoke to Malta’s Ambassador in Vienna, H.E. Natasha Meli Daudey who confirmed that all the members of the Maltese diaspora in Vienna are all safe and accounted for – following the attack in an area where the Maltese Embassy is also situated.



She also reiterated the advice by the Austrian Authorities, for all Maltese, who are currently in Vienna, to stay indoors, and to avoid the area of the city’s first district, should they need to go out.



The Seitenstettengasse square was the first of these locations, and the attack consisted of multiple people armed with rifles.

One suspect, who can be seen in the video below, sent to Bay News by Renata Antalova, who works in Vienna, has been shot and killed by police.
(WARNING: This video might be disturbing for some. Viewing discretion advised)



The deceased attacker has been described by Austria’s interior minister as an Islamic State sympathiser.

The attack began just hours before Austria was due to introduce new coronavirus restrictions, including a curfew from midnight to 6am, and bars and restaurants in the network of narrow streets known to locals as the “Bermuda triangle” were packed. Meanwhile, Austrian Police are still searching for more accomplices.