UOM ranks among top 3% universities in the world

Times Higher Education, which ranks higher education institutions around the world, has given The University of Malta a spot amongst the best 1000 institutions world-wide.

This means that within the past three years, the UOM has moved up almost 400 spots within the list.

University rector Alfred Vella shares:

“The quality and quantity of research that UOM is providing heavily contributes to us getting this qualification in the first place, and us being in the top 3% out of 28,000 universities around the globe. We are punching well above our weight, and we will work even harder to ensure that in a couple of years, UOM will make it to the top 500.”

Professor Vella explains how UOM is investing in more research labs for engineering, science and medicine, with ongoing research on cancer treatment, as well as renewable energy sources, amongst other things.

The fact that 10% of the student body is made up of foreign students has also contributed to UOM obtaining this prestigious title.

Professor Vella explains how without this highly diversified mix of students, UOM would not have enough researchers to come up with the cutting edge research and studies that the University is currently producing.

You can check out a more detailed account of the ranking by following this link:

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