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UPDATED: University’s Economics Faculty Reviews Decision About Result of Study-Unit


Updated 11:35 with KSU Statement

A new disciplinary board, chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, Prof. Frank Bezzina, was tasked to review the decision to fail over 250 first-year students.

The other members of the Board were Prof. Vincent Cassar, Deputy Dean and Mr Zane Camilleri as student representative. The Faculty came into possession of screenshots from a Facebook Messenger Chat alleging collusion between a number of students during an exam, EMA1008: Quantitative Analysis for Business 1.



In a statement issued on Monday morning, the University of Malta said that those students involved in the chat were granted a fair hearing by being individually allowed to explain their participation in the chat, adding that this also allowed the Board to determine the extent of their involvement in the matter.

“In those cases where it transpired that students indeed colluded with others, the Board reprimanded them for their unacceptable behaviour. These students were further penalised by having their original marks deducted according to the degree of severity of their collusion,” the University said.

Bay has reached out to the KSU President Matthew Xuereb for the Council’s position about this development, after the council had called for a thorough investigation into the matter, appealing that students should not be penalised en masse.



Speaking to Bay News, KSU President Matthew Xuereb said that following the pleas made by KSU and ASCS earlier this month, the Council notes the recent updates in the case regarding first-year Bachelor of Commerce students.
He said that “whilst at this stage KSU is not aware of the individual decisions taken by the newly constituted FEMA disciplinary board, we agree in principle with giving a fair hearing to each student individually and with the board deciding on a consequence that is proportional to one’s involvement.”
KSU reiterates the importance of allowing students who sat for the tests regularly to continue with their studies unhindered, as well as the need for a fair process that considers students individually in all disciplinary actions.