Ukrainian President’s Dancing Video Resurfaces


During Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, resurfaced footage of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dancing on television has been dubbed “a new favourite foreign leader.”



Since 2019, the 44-year-old politician, who was previously an actor and comedian, has served as Ukraine’s president.



Since Russia invaded his country, Zelensky has released a series of defiant films in which he claims to be still in Kyiv’s government quarter, standing firm against Russian President Vladimir Putin and ‘defending Ukraine.’


However, a compilation of Zelensky as a contestant on the country’s version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Dancing with the Stars, from 2006 has been widely circulated online.



Zelensky is shown shimmying his way around the dancefloor with professional partner Olena Shoptenko in a variety of glitzy ensembles, displaying an astounding breadth of dance styles.



From the waltz, Pasodoble, quickstep and even a dance performed while blindfolded, the video proves that Zelensky is clearly a man of many talents.