Ukrainian Mum Writes Information On Her Child In Case She Dies


A scared Ukrainian mother has written her family’s personal information on her child in case they become orphaned!


The mother, Sasha Makoviy shared this on her Instagram when she posted a photo showing her daughter Vera’s back inked with details like her date of birth and the name of some of her relatives.


This image shows the reality of families living in the middle of a war and how parents are realising the chances of not making it out of this situation alive.



In the post she said: “[This is] Vera’s back on the first day of the war… I signed it with my hands trembling very much. But why [do I] tell you? [So you] know what it’s like to wake up to the deafening and powerful sounds of explosions that can be heard for tens of kilometres.”


She also explained how she wrote the information to protect her 2-year-old just in case something happens to herself and the child’s father and someone would rescue the child so that she would survive.


Ukrainian Mom Writes Family Contact Information On Daughter's Body


Luckily, the mother and daughter have successfully fled to France and are now safe. However, other parents are currently still going through this scary situation whilst the bombardments continue.