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Ukrainian Amputees Sent To Malta For Prosthetics

Ukrainian war amputees are expected to visit Malta for prosthetics




In the upcoming 12 months, St Luke’s Hospital will supply prostheses to up to 24 amputee victims of the Ukraine crisis as part of “Operation Renew Prosthetics.”


Those who haven't lost their limbs return to the front almost immediately.»  How Ukrainian soldiers undergo rehabilitation


Each amputee will spend about four weeks of rehabilitation in Malta, with an expected two patients receiving care each month. In January, the first two patients are set to land in Malta.



With assistance from the Ministry of Health, the “surgery” is being carried out by Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) and prosthetics provider MCOP International (MCOPi).


What's Being Done to Help Ukrainian War Amputees? - Amplitude



In the present battle, an estimated 3,000 Ukrainians have lost a limb, mostly as a result of bomb explosions and other incidents in the war against Russia.