UK TV Host Steve Miller Determined To Make Malta Less Fat


A UK TV star and host that has a reputation of helping people lose weight, has set his sights on Malta.


In a Facebook post, Steve Miller called out Malta after finding out that we’re “the fattest country in Europe”.



“Malta is a country I love. It brings back fond memories of holidays and it is a country of distinct beauty,” he continued. So, Miller wants us to ditch this title of having the highest obesity rate in Europe and he plans to help us achieve this.


Miller than went on about the 3-part plan he has for Malta to stop being the fattest country.


He plans to come to Malta and meet to people to “pinpoint the causes for being the most obese nation”.



Then he plans to motivate us to make the small changes needed to lost weight.


Finally, part 3 entails him setting up “a portal of mindset and motivation support for the Maltese people (which is) easy and simple to follow.”


Do you think Miller will manage to champion this change in Malta?


See the post below 👇