UK to be hotter than Malta over Easter weekend

Malta will be colder and cloudier than much of Britain this Easter.

Forecasters predicted most of the UK will be hotter than the Maltese Islands over the holiday weekend,with temperatures exceeding 20°C.

London could see temperatures of up to 23°C.

That compares to only 18°C in Luqa with strong winds and cloudy skies on Saturday and Sunday.

Cardiff may hit 21°C on Saturday, the same across areas in Northern Ireland, and Glasgow and Aberdeen will be around 20°C.

Maltese forecasters blamed ‘a plume of hot air’ from the Mediterranean which is set to sweep across the UK, making the weather feel much warmer and sunnier than Malta.

It looks like Malta will have to make do with cloudy skies and strong winds with the Met Office in Luqa predicting Force 6 winds across Malta and Gozo on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The highest temperature ever recorded for an Easter weekend in the UK was 27.8°C, which occurred in two different years.

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