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Typical phrases that only come out of a Maltese mother’s mouth

maltese mother

Maltese mothers are an absolute gem. They were taught to raise us kids in a certain way, and used to say all kinds of things to scare the bejesus out of us when we disobeyed.

But with the occasional scare, came many a moments and words of encouragement that taught us how to handle life and make good decisions.

Here are the phrases that can only come out of a Maltese mother’s mouth, but are oh so precious life lessons too!

L-omm għal uliedha ħalliela u giddieba

As the great Celine Dione once sang in one of her harmonic and angelic ballads … there is no other love like a mother’s love for her child.

And this Maltese phrase sums it up pretty well.

A mother becomes a thief and a liar for her child

Ħadd ma jaħsillek wiċċek biex tkun aħjar minnu

Be wary of the people around you and never trust someone who seems to be a bit too kind – there are very few people that will help you out without an ulterior motive.

Qatt toħroġ b’ta taħt imqatta’, ma jmurx jagħtik ħass ħażin fit-triq u jaqalek kollox

Mothers have a peculiar way of giving you advice to make sure you follow through with them.

Some of said advice is pure comedy gold, such as this one.

Lil min tara siequ miksura, kissirlu l-oħra għax jekk tirranġahielu jitlaq jiġri

Ouch, ma …

I mean, I get what they mean by this – look out for yourself and never underestimate how cruel people can be kind of thing.

But still … mama can be savage sometimes.

Ħadd ma jridlek ġid daqs kemm irridilek jien

Back to singing ‘There is no other, love like a mother’s love for her child.’

Il-ħbieb sal-bieb

Aaah, the good old saying, don’t let anyone get too close.

While some of us have experienced the true definition of friendship, some of us haven’t been so lucky.

But let’s not rule out all the true friendships and those people who you have welcomed into your life as an illegitimate part of the family.

Toħroġx sieqek barra mill-friex

No, it’s not because the monster under your bed will drag you out of it and eat you.

It actually has a very nice meaning.

Don’t take on more than you can chew just so you could be like someone else. Stay within the what you [or your bed in this case] can handle.

Tixtieqx deni lil għajrek għax jiġi għandek

What goes around comes around, and the good ole .. Karma’s a b*tch.