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The Types of Kunjatas you Meet in your Life

Most of us have encountered a mother-in-law in our life. Whether we love her or hate her is a different matter altogether. Ladies and Gents, we present to you Malta’s finest Kunjatas:

1. The Second Mom

Her superpower includes making you feel right at home. Her house is warm and inviting, and her food is nothing short of divine. She treats you as her own, and will love you as much as your partner does. If your partner dumps you, she’ll spend the next few days heartbroken and shouting over and over “Ma nafx fejn ser issib bħalu/a jien!”

2. Il-Kunjata l-Oħt 

You’re not quite sure whether she’s your partner’s mother or sister. She’s young at heart, hip and completely open minded. This kunjata is all the rage on facebook and whether you like it or not, you two are about to become best buds. Not that you’d mind though, she’s a joy to be around, and if you’re lucky she’ll even invite you to a girl’s night out!

3. The Kunjata from the Medieval Times

While you’re under her roof, there’s absolutely no way this one will let you spend some alone time away from her sight. You can forget sleeping over, let alone sleeping in the same room. The first question she’ll ask you is whether you plan on saving yourself for your wedding night. If the answer is no, you can rest assured that she’ll dedicate a posta ruzarju or quddiesa for your soul tomorrow.

4. The Kunjata who’s Always Right

After beating your brains as to how and when you’ll wean your child, she spends the rest of her days trying to convince you to give your 4 month old child some water or milk with biscuits to quench their thirst. “That’s what I did with my Christopher and he turned out just fine!” … don’t give in … don’t give in.

5. The Kunjata who Only Speaks Maltese

It’s not because she can’t speak English, more so because she refuses to. Your mostly English speaking partner might know better than to test her patience when it comes to communicating, but your English speaking kids don’t. 

“Nanna, may I have a chocolate please?”

“Għidli bil- Malti jew ma ntik xejn ħi!”

6. The Kunjata from Hell


She’s overprotective of her child; nothing you do will ever measure up to her perfectionist skills or expertise. Bossing you around is her favourite hobby. You can also expect her to pop over to your house uninvited with five different dishes of food, just so she can show you how she can manage time better than you.

No matter which one of these your kunjata falls under, there’s one thing you have to love her for! She has raised the person that you love, and for that you are forever grateful.


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