Types of Maltese Christmas shoppers

At some point in the next coming days, you’ll probably head out in the crazy Sliema traffic; brave the terrible weather, the long lines to pay and the annoying parkers who always ask you to give them more money – all to find that perfect gift.

While you’re out there on your quest to find gifts for all your family and friends you’ll probably encounter different types of Christmas gift shoppers.

To help you identify these shoppers, we’ve created this list of the people you’re about to encounter while on your shopping day.

Mrs. Black Friday

This is the person who had all her lists of Christmas gifts done by the second week of November and bought all her presents during Black Friday.

She probably even bought wrapping paper and some bows and strings to make the gift look all festive. It’s very rare to find her in the mall during December, but if you do, it would probably be best if you ask her for some advice on what to get your Aunt Tessie.

The ‘’Oh, Crap!’’ Shopper

This is the guy who didn’t bother about Christmas gifts but when Christmas Eve finally arrives, they realize they haven’t bought a single present.

You’d normally find them running around like a maniac at the malls, going in and out of stores with a confused look on their face. If you see this type, MAKE SPACE – they are an urgent case.

The Online Shopper

These are a rare breed. They’re like finding a good driver in Malta – VERY rare. They mostly do their shopping online because they just cannot stand the hassle of going into multiple shops and then having to walk back to the car with big heavy bags. Instead, they just order everything online so that they get delivered right to their doorstep.

They just pray that the Christmas sweater they got for Shaniqua, their little cousin, fits them and that they don’t have to return it (as that would mean an additional cost).

The Plastic Addict

No, they’re not plastic addicts because they love swiping this credit cards whilst paying. They are called that because all their gifts would probably mean gift vouchers. Don’t know what to give your parents? Vouchers! Your picky brother in law? Vouchers! Your annoying co-worker that you’ve ended up paired with thanks to Secret Santa? V-O-U-C-H-E-R-S!

The Lost

This is probably me whenever I go shopping. I always try to get the perfect gift for everyone but I’m not quite sure what is the perfect gift, so I run around the mall, in and out shops, making phone calls, messaging my mum about what my dad’s shoe size is and then calling my dad to see what my mum’s trousers size are until I find the perfect gift. The problem is that in my head, everything I see becomes THE perfect gift, so I have to buy it. Food Processor?

That’s perfect for my parents! Ooohh that scarf looks so cute on my mum! And gosh, I bet that jacket would look so stylish on my dad. Look at that lipstick! Britney would love it. Oh but she also loves eyeshadow palettes… And the cycle continues…

The Super Mum

Finally, we’ve got one last shopper. She works 5 days a week from 9-5 but she’ll still have time to search for gifts for ALL the family. One from dad to us, one from her to dad, one from me to my brother…and she won’t get credit for it. She’ll think of ribbons, wrapping and everything else. Don’t know what to get someone? ‘’Ma, can you help me out please ghax I have no idea what I’m getting my brother this Christmas?’’

What type of shopper are you? Or, are you one of the above shoppers?

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