Two Persons Investigated by Police on Sale of Contraband Cigarettes


A 55-year old woman, and a 57-year old man, both Pieta’ residents are being held for Investigation by the Police in relation to Sale of Contraband Cigarettes.

The two were arrested when the Police noticed a woman close to a Peugeot vehicle who was handing and counting money. The Police had already received information that a woman was leading an illegal activity of sorts, in the area of Triq Patri Magri in Hamrun.

After the Police searched the vehicle they found a large amount of contraband cigarettes and cash. A statement by the Customs Department confirmed that there were over 1,500 packs of cigarettes.

Whilst searching the vehicle, the man approached the vehicle asking for money. He too was held for further investigation.

Meanwhile, an anonymous report was filed to the Police stating that the two individuals were also holding another large amount of contraband cigarettes in another location. This led to a thorough search in other properties which was carried out on orders of Magistrate Charmaine Galea and in collaboration with the Customs Department.

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