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Two Persons found Violating Quarantine Regulations

As the Police Officials and Representatives from the Health Directorate continued carrying out spot-checks on those who should be on Mandatory Quarantine, two persons were found to be in violation of the quarantine rules, and therefore have been fined €1,000 each, and must follow quarantine regulations.

In the first 24 hours, some 90 checks have been carried out.

The inspections will continue in the coming hours and days, in both private residences and hotels. Inspections can also be done in places that have already been previously inspected. The police have reported that persons undergoing an inspection have all been fully cooperative.



Earlier, during the screening taking place before passengers board the Gozo Ferry, one person was found to have high temperature and was asked to not board the ferry, an instruction which he ignored.

The person was escorted away from the ferry and taken away in an ambulance, after the assistance of the Police Officials was sought, whilst the ferry, the terminal, the passengers and the cars which were already on the boat were disinfected immediately.