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Two People Praised For Helping Elderly Man Cross The Road

A heartwarming video captured a beautiful act of kindness in Birkirkara 🙌🏻



Two compassionate men were seen coming to the aid of an elderly stranger, ensuring he crossed a bustling street safely. With great selflessness, they halted a motorcycle and held the elderly man’s hands, guiding him to the other side. Not stopping there, they even paused a van approaching them to ensure his safety.

The thoughtful biker, who witnessed the heartwarming scene, expressed his admiration for the two foreign men, exclaiming, “Good people still exist!” At the video’s conclusion, you can hear the motorcycle driver praising the kind-hearted duo, saying, “Well done!”

Moments like these remind us of the power of simple gestures and the goodness that still exists in the world.

Video via LovinMalta


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