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Two of the world’s top newspapers gush over Malta

Malta’s charms have been highlighted by two of the world’s leading newspapers.

The Daily Telegraph and The Washington Post have both featured Malta in their latest travel and holiday pages.

The US-based newspaper described Malta as ‘a tiny island nation south of Sicily’.

It continued: ‘Often experienced as a day stop on Mediterranean cruises, Malta greatly rewards a longer stay. The island is packed with lovingly restored sites that bring history to life.

‘Beyond its history, Malta’s landscape offers a natural, if hauntingly monochrome beauty amid the brilliant blues of the surrounding sea and sky.

‘And with English being an official language, the country is especially attractive to Americans.’

The Daily Telegraph described Malta as ‘the perfect island for families with teenagers’ in its latest travel section.

It added: ‘The Maltese archipelago delivers its history in an absorbingly theatrical fashion. Perhaps that’s why the Game of Thrones producers were lured here.

‘These citadels, cathedrals and palaces still resound to echoes of the past, a blink of the eye from being real, inhabited places, where exotic-sounding people such as the Grandmaster of the Knights of St John went about their lives.

‘Almost everything in Valletta is appealing, from the sheer drama of its position, a spike between two harbours, to the view of the Three Cities.’

Photography: Alessandra Siqueira

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