Two Local Schools Among the Best In The World In Using Latest Technology During Pandemic

Birkirkara and Zejtun Primary School placed second and third in the world, for their best use of the J2Webb Digital Platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This platform enables schools to keep in constant contact with their students, whilst providing a space for students to share their work with their peers.

Birkirkara Primary School Headmaster, Mr Deo Grech said that middle-aged teachers were amongst the most eager ones to familiarise themselves with this new system. He said that all in all, the COVID-19 experience was not a totally negative experience, adding that he felt grateful to all the staff and students who, when faced with the challenge of getting used to a virtual classroom, they took it on and turned it into their new reality, adding that students who normally used to struggle in class, perhaps because they do not feel comfortable in a classroom set-up, excelled thanks to this online system.



Zejtun Primary B Assistant Head, Graziella Vassallo Theuma said that through this system, the virtual classroom came to life, making it possible for all the school to continue with the work which was being carried out in the classroom.

She said that the children were free to express themselves, publish their own work and showing it off in whichever way they wanted to.