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“Two homeless people in Malta have been given the chance to start a fresh chapter in their lives, today”

Malta has been known for its generous and inviting environment from the moment St. Paul’s ship crashed onto our island to the shelter it offered to its allies during the war.

And despite the fact that recent issues with migration have made us question the truth of this statement, a recent Facebook post has shown that the Maltese still uphold their helping nature.

“Hello. I am writing on behalf of a friend. Would you consider giving a job to a homeless person please? Notwithstanding his current situation he is a good person and you would be helping him to find his way in life. Thank you so much!”

For some this might have been a tough question to swallow due to the misconceptions attached to the homeless as being lazy or lacking in skill.

Nonetheless, the post was flooded with people offering their knowledge and suggesting job opportunities that are worth looking into.

In just a few hours, the person responsible for the post revealed that with the help of all of those who reached out;

“Two homeless people have today been given the chance to start a fresh chapter in their lives. Thank you for your kind response!”

Claps for all those who played a role in making this happen! Karma will be good to you.

What is even more notable about this post was that it encouraged other who share a similar story to open up and seek aid.

“I know someone too, he’s still young just turned into the adult world. Currently we are assisting him to find a job. He’s a strong willing young man and has no disability issues. If you can assist us or guide us we would really really appreciate your help. Thank you and good night.”

This goes to show how this post is just one example of many scenarios that we might not think or be aware of.

In fact, the writer of the post made sure to deliver this message with a final comment;

“There are many opportunities to help. The problem of homelessness is not as rare as we would like to think it is. I only found this out recently.”

Let’s all learn a lesson from this act of kindness and work at abolishing the negative connotations that the word ‘homeless’ has been branded by. No one should ever be dismissed on the basis of a label that doesn’t in any way, shape or form have affect the person’s capabilities.

Everyone deserves a chance and a little generosity goes a long way!