Twitter Fans React to Lil Nas X ‘Breast Implants’


Lil Nas X has thrown Twitter into quite the rampage after posting a photo of himself with what appears to be breast implants, asking followers, ‘Got bored so I bought titties. What you guys think?’. And FYI, no. They’re not real implants.



It’s just a prosthetic breast applied to his chest, and he likely did it for a music video or photoshoot. He even uploaded a TikTok (covered up), but he clapped back to the negative responses to the pictures he posted.



One follower wrote that Satan was looking and laughing, expecting the rapper, so Lil Nas X jabbed back, ‘Satan will never have these titties. These titties belong to God you loser.’ Alright Lil Nas X, we see you!



Obviously, most fans were left confused with Lil Nas X’s random and new-found breasts, until it was confirmed that they are indeed fake.

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