Turtle Lays Eggs On Gozitan Beach For First Time In 70 Years

It’s been approximately 70 years since a turtle has washed up to a Gozitan shore and laid its eggs on our sister island’s land.

Nature Trust shared the news on their Facebook page, saying: “Last evening, at around 10.00 pm, a female loggerhead turtle was noted laying eggs on Ramla Bay in Gozo. The turtle came out of the sea at around 10 pm and left around 11.30 pm.

“The last nestings where in Malta in 2012, 2014 and 2018 with the last having a successful hatching rate of 111 from 112 eggs.

“Thanks to responsible persons on the beach, Nature Trust – Wildlife Rescue were alerted and NTM Gozo volunteers where on site within a few minutes to guard the female loggerhead and the nest.

“The Environment Resource Authority was immediately alerted and now ERA will decide on the most appropriate way forward to ensure that the nest is not put in any danger. ERA will assist in the process till the hatching which, if all goes well, is expected to occur between mid to end July.

2020 really is the year that keeps on giving huh.

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