Travel Experts List Ghajn Tuffieha / Riviera Bay Among The Ten Safest Beaches To Visit After Lockdown


Travel experts European Best Destinations have drawn up a list that includes beaches in Greece, Portugal and Malta – as countries worldwide begin a reopening of borders.

European Best Destinations say that “these aren’t just Europe’s most beautiful beaches – they’re also where you’re least at risk of catching coronavirus.”

As Part of their criteria to choose the final ten, the travel experts looked at destinations that had a low number of people infected with coronavirus compared to other European countries, as well as the size of the beaches and how much space is available per person.

The destinations were also chosen based on the number of private villas, apartments, and smaller hotels – particularly those committing to rigorous hygiene methods such as daily room disinfections. Other measures analysed were their location to hospitals that have never faced overcrowding issues during the pandemic, and which have more beds than the European average.



Among these, is our Beloved Ghajn Tuffieha Beach/Riviera Beach.

The travel experts say that Ghajn Tuffieha is far quieter than the more popular Golden Bay and is often visited by the Maltese themselves, meaning there are likely to be fewer tourists here.



The Experts also said that ‘Hotels are scheduled to reopen on 1 June, with the tourist season expected to restart on 1 July’


Other Beaches which made it to the top 10, alongside one of Malta’s finest beaches are:

  • Preveza, Greece
  • Comporta, Portugal
  • Hel Peninsula, Poland
  • Porto Santo Beach, Portugal
  • Halikounas Beach in Corfu, Greece
  • Meia Praia, The Algarve, Portugal
  • Jurmala Beach, Latvia
  • Nida Beach, Lithuania
  • Binz Beach, Germany

Hands up if MALTA is THE place you want to visit as soon as the waters calm!

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