Train Conductor Finds Bag Full Of Diamond Rings Worth $100,000


A Long Island train conductor experienced a stroke of luck when he came across a bag filled with a whopping $100,000 worth of diamond rings on a train!


Real Gem Of LIRR Conductor Returns Jeweler's Misplaced Bling | Port  Washington, NY Patch


What was just a normal working day for Yellowday turned out to be much more when he discovered the 36 diamond rings…safe to say it wasn’t your usual lost luggage.


But whilst many were tempted to keep the goods, the conductor, Jonathan Yellowday, followed his gut and helped get the expensive jewellery back to its rightful owner. It seems that the jeweller had accidentally left the expensive goods when he’d got of at their stop.


LIRR Conductor Jonathan Yellowday Commended For Returning Tray Of Diamond  Engagement Rings Left On Train – CBS New York


Lucky them, however, Yellowday had already wholesomely turned the jewellery into the Metropolitan Transport Authority at Penn Station.


This had us wondering… Have you ever experienced a kind soul who saved you on a rainy day?

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