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Traffic Minister Confirms Road Fines Are Set To Increase

Confirmed; Road Fines Are Set To Increase as follows:


In order to improve enforcement on our roads, the Minister of Transportation and Capital Projects, Aaron Farrugia, said this morning that adjustments to the penalty for traffic infractions will take effect over the following few weeks.

The Government has kept up its efforts over the past few weeks to put its thorough plan to improve road safety into action. The sanctions would be raised to act as a deterrent against these violations, which are to blame for the majority of traffic accidents, even as education and information campaigns would be intensified.


Driving through a red light: from €100 to €200

One way: €46.59 to €75

Speeding at over 15km/h: from €69.88 to €100

Unsecured loads: from €116.47 to €200

Use of mobile phones: from €100 to €200

Carrying more passengers than allowed: from €11.65 to €50 – per person over


Reduction of points:

Use of phone: was 3-6 now 6-9

Use of headphones while driving: was 3-6 now 6-9


What do you make of these changes?