Top four cities for a quick getaway this Valentine’s

Fancy a quick getaway with your loved one? Here are the top 4 cities that make for the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend.


Spend this day with your loved one by taking a romantic gondola ride in the canals of Venice as you gaze at the beautiful buildings that you’ll see towering above you.


I have to admit, this place is on my bucket list! If you’re looking for beautiful scenery, nature and snow-capped mountains – Lake Bled is your destination! You can even hire a rowboat and go around the most romantic lake in the world. While you’re there you can also visit Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana.


Did you know that there is a statue of Little Mermaid awaiting her beloved prince by the Langelinie promenade, in Copenhagen? You can have a picnic in one of their stunning gardens and stroll through it whilst exploring this beautiful city.


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If you’re looking for amazing weather in February, stunning sights and great wine spots, then Lisbon is the place to be. Lisbon has so many romantic viewpoints but there is a particular one in Bairro Alto which is a wonderful scenic spot with terraced gardens and fountains. You can also go for some wine tasting in one of the many bars and wine cellars you’ll find in this city.

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