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Tommy Wallbank Donates €10,000 To Puttinu Cares In Honour Of Rebecca Zammit Lupi


Sixteen-year-old Tommy Wallbank has just made a generous donation of €10,000 to Puttinu Cares, after having completed his 1,000-kilometre run in honour of his late friend Rebecca Zammit Lupi, who regretfully lost her battle against cancer earlier this year.


On Saturday, Wallbank ran the final 21 kilometers of his challenge as family, friends, and school teachers cheered him on. This comes after Wallbank pledged to run 1km every day in March for every €5 donated in memory of Zammit Lupi.



His initial goal was to raise €500 and run 100km, but as donations poured in, he eventually capped his total running distance at 1,000km – which equates to running around Malta six-and-a-half times, by the way!


In a statement by Puttinu Cares, representatives Rennie and Angele shared that they were honoured to have met an inspiration like Wallbank.



Besides calling him a champion, they also said that this donation encouraged them to keep helping patients and to continue working on a new project in central London!


Well done, Tommy!