Tokyo Olympics Introduce Anti-Sex Beds For Athletes


Over the past 18 months, concerns have been raised with regards to how the Olympic Games in Tokyo can be made as COVID-safe as possible… but the committee might have taken it a tad too far, as organisers have created so-called ‘anti sex’ beds in an effort to maintain their athletes’ focus.



Carboard structures were installed in the athletes’ dorm rooms at the Olympic village. With a max weight of 200kg, the beds will allegedly collapse should competitors attempt to enjoy some “downtime”… This way, it’ll be clear who is obeying the rules and who isn’t…



Athletes have also been told not to use the customary condoms they have been given ahead of the start of the games this week. According to AFP, athletes had raised concerns over the beds, but the manufacturer said they should encounter no problems ‘as long as they stick to just two people in the beds’.



After the games finish, the beds are expected to be recycled, and the village will be transformed into luxury apartments. Elsewhere, athletes are also not allowed to buy or bring in alcohol with them, and family is banned from the site.


If the athletes break any of these bizarre rules, they could be punished with disqualification from the games.

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