To Malta’s Unsung Heroes, Quietly Fighting the Battle Against Covid-19. Thank you!

Sheltered in the safety of our homes (or should be) and the comfort of our social distancing, we watch them on our screens and read about them in the newspapers. People who in most cases can’t go home, or risk the health of themselves and their families, to make sure that our families are safe.

These are the people who are in some way or another helping us live as normal a life as we could throughout this whole pandemic. Who are risking their lives just so we can stay safe at home, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

All medical and healthcare providers on the frontline. Thank you.

Delivery persons carrying your groceries, delivery items and packages, who despite being given masks and gloves as protective gear, are still risking their health, knocking door to door to make sure you don’t need to leave your home for daily conveniences. Thank you.

The Social Workers working on a shift basis to answer help-lines and provide you with the help you need to overcome this difficult time. Thank you.

Sanitation people cleaning our roads, parks and benches, making sure our public areas are spotless and clean. Thank you.

Pharmacists who, despite making sure there’s a minimum of one metre distance, are still risking their lives to make sure you have all the medicine you require. Thank you.

The truck drivers hauling our essential groceries and medical supplies across Malta’s various towns. Thank you.

Care workers who have left their families and moved in to care centres to take care of our elderly. Thank you.

Vets still operating to keep our furry loved ones safe. Thank you.

Government employees and administrators, ensuring the seamless continuity of all basic services. Thank you.

The people in medical labs, testing samples, whether it’s Covid-19 related or not. Thank you.

And all of those, who in some way or another, are helping us stay sheltered and safely home. Thank you.

These are the people who are working day and night, in many cases interacting with potential and confirmed patients of COVID-19. Thank you!

If they’re risking their lives to make sure we’re safe, the least we can do is stay at home.

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