Titti, Malta’s beloved diving dog, is going viral… AGAIN!

A post on Bay Easy has gone viral, reaching over 40 million people, with over 66k likes and over 6k comments.

The post features Malta’s beloved diving dog, Titti, who passed away a year ago.

RIP Titti

Remember Titti? It's exactly a year since Malta’s world-famous diving dog passed away🎥 Instagram.com/walter_pp

Publiée par Bay Easy sur Vendredi 24 janvier 2020

You would find Titti, The Jack Russell terrier, at St Peter’s Pool near Delimara, where she loved nothing more than leaping into the glittering blue sea.

She could even perform amazing synchronised dives with her owner.

Titti, 10, had been unwell for the past few weeks before passing and was being treated for a high white blood cell count.

Her owner Carmelo Abela, 54, said she suffered heart problems and the kindest thing to do in the end was to put her to sleep.

He added: ‘With a very heartbreaking moment, I had to say goodbye to our shadow, Titti.

‘She will always be in our hearts. And thank you for all the support you gave us while she was alive.’

RIP dear Titti. Gone but never forgotten.

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