Titanic II in the Works. No, Not the Movie!

That’s right, The Blue Star Line Company is currently working on the production of Titanic II. Announced in 2012, once completed, the ship will make its maiden voyage from Dubai, towards New York City.

This means that it will be passing along some parts of the route which are identical to the one and only route which the Titanic had in 1912, when it had left from Southampton bound to New York City.

After the maiden voyage from the UAE to NYC, the Titanic II will journey from New York to Southampton, in England. Then it will begin making regular trips between the two cities, as the original Titanic was initially scheduled to do.

Empty Places on the Original Titanic 

Blue Star  Line has taken every measure to ensure safety for all of the travelling guests. It might seem like common sense to have enough life jackets and boats aboard, but the crew clearly missed that detail last time around so what are they doing for Titanic II?

The original Titanic infamously did not have enough boats and life rafts on board for all the passengers, leading to the death of over 1,500 men, women, and children. Thankfully, the Titanic II will not be an exact replica: safety will be a priority. More than enough lifeboats have been factored into the design of the ship.

There will be enough lifeboats on the ship for 2,700 people and enough life rafts for an additional 800 passengers. The original Titanic only had 16 wooden boats that would accommodate a total of 1178, just a third of the capacity of passengers.

First Class Suite on the Original Titanic.

The original Titanic’s passengers were split into three classes: first, second, and third. Accommodations and social status were profoundly impacted by which class you booked, and of course, the ability to pay for it.

The replica’s accommodation is designed to be authentic to the original. This means smaller rooms at lower prices for the third class, and extreme luxury – and cost – for those in first class.

The original Titanic was a luxury steam-liner in its time. If the Titanic II replicates the original’s prices, it will be quite expensive to take a trip. The most costly first-class cabins cost about $100,000.

Passengers like Jack Dawson, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the hit movie Titanic, would have paid around $350 – $900 for his ticket, though that was the cheapest “class” of tickets. Do you think you could afford any of the levels on Titanic II?

Aerial view of the Titanic II under construction

The Titanic II will be 883 feet long and 175 feet high, with ten decks. The design plans also include replicas of the Titanic’s restaurants and dining rooms. The famous Parisian Cafe will also be replicated – it featured in the Titanic movie.

The Parisian Cafe’ replica on the Titanic II

Stabilizers will be added to the Titanic II to reduce roll in lousy weather. Active tank systems, or anti-roll systems, an accelerometer senses the rolling motions, and signals are sent from this roll-sensing device to a variable pitch pump, which controls the liquid flow between the tanks. This means the stabilizer can be used to reduce or even eliminate the roll of each individual wave. 

The iceberg the Titanic is thought to have struck before sinking in the Atlantic.

The Titanic II will also have “Anti-iceberg” upgrades: it will have a welded hull instead of a riveted one, which should make for more exceptional durability, and it’s slightly wider for stability. Plus, modern navigation equipment makes it highly unlikely that the ship will encounter something unexpected. 

The Blue Star Line has spared no expense when it comes to providing an accurate and authentic experience of the voyage. After all, Titanic II cost nearly four times as much as the first one.

The interior of one of the lounges on the Titanic II

According to the website, the ship will feature all the same restaurants and dining rooms as the original, with antique decor and a menu to match. Other amenities the boat will have include saunas, pools, and a Turkish bathhouse. 

Though safety has been kept a priority, we’re still crossing fingers.

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