Time To Plan Some Movie Nights, Because Eden Cinemas Are Back In Business

The wait is finally over! Eden Cinemas have re-opened their doors earlier this week, with all necessary health precautions in place.

Yep, the Eden Cinemas are back!!

It’s safe to say that throughout the past couple of weeks, we’ve binged watched the entirety of Netflix on our phone, making us miss the cinema more than ever.

There’s just something about watching a movie at the cinema, that warm feeling as you’re comfortably sitting in that theatre seat, knowing that for the next two hours or so, you’re dedicating your attention entirely to the story you’re about to get engulfed in.

And really and truly, the atmosphere is set so perfectly  that you have no choice but to get lost in the movie.

Now imagine getting the chance to watch movies you love, once more on the big screen, in crystal clear picture view, surround sound and some delicious snacks to get you through the movie.

Well, no need to imagine, because Eden Cinemas are going to give us some serious throwbacks with the movies they’re bringing back in the next couple of week.

We’ve checked out their coming soon page … and boy oh boy, it’s going to be an interesting summer. 

Scarface is currently showing, together with some other great movies.

Mamma Mia is making its return! Which means you’ll have the perfect excuse to belt your heart out to your favourite ABBA tunes.

A star is born is also coming back, together with The Hangover, and so many others.

And tickets are only €5!! They’ve even got some amazing deals in the pipeline, to make sure you get an amazing bang for your buck.

Watch this space to find out what other amazing movies the Eden Cinemas are bringing back to their screens!



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