Maybe it’s time to ban horse-drawn karozzini from Maltese roads completely?

malta karrozzin

Hallelujah! Horse-drawn carriages have been banned from Malta’s streets during summer afternoons. Everyone’s been rejoicing at the good news with so many people commenting on what a fantastic initiative it is.

The new directive to get horses off the streets between 1pm and 4pm is great, but in 2019, isn’t it high time we put animal rights at the forefront and completely ban horse drawn carriages from roaming around the street at any hour?

How many times have you passed by a horse standing in the sun in front of the Upper Barrakka Gardens and instantly feel a pang of sadness in your chest?

Malta horse drawn carriage

When Malta was less populated with cars, and temperatures did not soar up to over 35 degrees Celsius on the daily, ‘karozzini’ were acceptable, albeit still verging on animal cruelty. But when temperatures are so high that not even humans can stand to walk in the heat, why are we still making horses draw carriages around our capital cities? I mean, after the amount of times you hear of horses dropping dead in the middle of the streets due to the heat … maybe it’s time to call them off altogether.

How’s this for food for thought? What if instead of horse drawn carriages, tourists were properly encouraged to roam around the new and old capital cities by bicycle? To our knowledge, horses are only allowed in the areas of Valletta and Mdina, so if carriages are already so limited, why not remove them altogether?

You don’t see horse drawn carriages in other European capitals … especially not in ones that are as traffic heavy as Malta is. Although it’s a piece of our tradition gone (even if that tradition wasn’t exactly the most animal friendly), we think it’s a price that is definitely worth paying if it means getting those poor horses off the streets.

Do you think karozzini should be completely banned from Maltese roads? Let us know in the comments.

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