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TikTok Rolling Out New Time Limit Features For Minors

TikTok is going to start limiting users under 18’s daily screen usage to 60 minutes in an upcoming update.



The setting will automatically activated and after the timer expires, users will need a password to continue browsing through the app.


Everyone who uses the app will be able to establish their own personalized time limitations for each day.


Moreover The decision to restrict the amount of time youngsters may spend on screens comes after TikTok has come under fire for “failing to protect children from harm.”


Family Pairing will let parents and guardians set a personal daily screen time limit for their kids.



Therefore with the help of this tool, they will be able to set various time limitations based on the day of the week, allowing families to take their schedules and vacations into account.


Additionally Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 15 will have their accounts set to private by default, meaning they must choose themselves what information they wish to post.


users will now need to be at least 18 to broadcast a live video, and direct chat will only be available to those 16 and older.



Cormac Keenan, Head of Trust and Safety at TikTok commented on this new feature:


‘We’re improving our screen time tool with more custom options, introducing new default settings for teen accounts, and expanding Family Pairing with more parental controls.’


Although TikTok did not provide a specific release date for the new capabilities, it did state that they will be available “in the coming weeks.”