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TikTok Releases New ‘Video Resume’ Feature For Jobseekers

The company has developed “TikTok Resumes,” a new service that allows consumers to send short films to potential employers.

Users may produce videos in the same way they would anywhere else, complete with all of the effects and background music, and then submit them to corporations in the hopes of being hired.

People are encouraged to use a dedicated hashtag to upload their resumes on TikTok. People who had already done so were given examples by the company. The company expects that the method would “reimagine recruiting and job discovery”.

TikTok also acknowledged that many of the people who use the app were undoubtedly affected by the pandemic. “College students, like many others, have been affected by the pandemic and have shown incredible fortitude and unrelenting optimism,” said Kayla Dixon, marketing manager at TikTok.



The startup has developed a dedicated website that allows individuals to look for employment before submitting their CVs as TikToks, with the first round of submissions concluding at the end of the month. It also includes connections to creators who claim to have solutions for boosting people’s job prospects.