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Three Restaurants In Malta Get The Michelin Treatment

More or less every restaurant owner’s dream is to have their establishment recognised by the people behind Michelin. Whether its earning a Michelin Star, or making it onto a Michelin Guide, the recognition is always a very proud and amazing achievement for anyone within the food and beverage industry.

Three restaurants in Malta have received the Michelin Treatment, after being awarded by the Michelin Guide.

The Michelin Guide is known for its rating of excellence in the tastes produced by restaurant kitchens worldwide. Established at the start of the last century, the Guide also published a review of restaurants in Malta and Gozo.

De Mondion in Mdina and two Valletta restaurants, Noni and Under Grain were awarded by the Michelin Guide. These three restaurants were independently chosen by a team of investigators who make it a point to experience restaurants in Malta and Gozo, in search for the next rising star.

Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that this is an opportunity within the tourism industry to show that Malta’s kitchens can produce some of the best dishes the Mediterranean has to offer.

She also said this is the first time that Malta has invested in the Michelin Star Award to put our culinary reputation on the map.

The first Michelin Guide covering Malta was published earlier this year.