Three New Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Malta and One Person is In Recovery

In a press conference just now, Superintendent of Public Health, Prof Charmaine Gauci has confirmed three new cases of COVID-19 in Malta, bringing the total to 12.

The new cases are all imported and not transmitted locally.

Prof Gauci explained that the first confirmed case is a 54-year old Maltese man, who travelled to Munich on the 6th March and returned on the 7th, and who is in good medical condition.



The second case is a 40-year old Italian man, living and working in Malta, who travelled to Paris on the 29th February and returned on the 6th March. The man works online, meaning that he is not in contact with other persons.

The third confirmed case is a 30-year old Maltese woman, a healthcare worker, who travelled to Brussels on the 5th March and returned on the 9th March.

Whilst stating that these three persons are in good medical condition, Professor Gauci revealed that one of the initial persons who resulted positive, has now resulted negative twice, and will be starting the recovery process shortly, during which she will be sent home and kept under quarantine.

More details, as we receive them.