Three Maltese 19-year-olds are Set for the Biggest Overland Rally yet!


Sebastian Darmanin Kissaun, Neal Aquilina, and Andrea Villa are set to take on the Mongol rally in a customised converted 30-year old ‘rustbucket,’ in what is one of the biggest car rallies – The Mongol Rally.

They originally heard about it through a common friend who was interested in doing it, and from there they started researching and watching all sorts of videos and reading blogs about it, “and it truly seemed like the ultimate adventure”. 

They told Bay that this sort of extreme adventure was something that always interested the 3 of us and so we started reading up more and more about it and eventually decided that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and next thing we knew we had our car and had reserved our place in the Mongol Rally 2021!



The Mongol Rally is a TWO MONTH LONG journey, starting on the 18th of July and finishing on the 13th September, even though the boys are expecting to finish it by the 1st September.



To be able to take part in the rally, they obviously needed a car, which is when the so-called rustbucket comes in aka a 30-year old Subaru J10.



“When we had just bought it it was practically a complete rust bucket, filled with dirt and dust so first, we decided to give it a good clean, but this was not even the peak of the iceberg. Since then we’ve lifted Dommy using a homemade spacer block made from a piece of metal and wood, we’ve had the engine removed, and is currently receiving its finishing touches on its complete overhaul, we’ve changed our rims and even sprayed Dommy a stunning orange, along with several other mechanical and electrical modifications including a duke of a hazard air horn and roof rack mounted light bar,” the Subarians told Bay.

Sebastian, Neal and Andrea will be the youngest team to ever participate in the Rally from Malta, and probably the youngest to ever had participated in the rally from the whole of the world, and Bay is proud to be supporting them on this mammoth adventure.



The boys are also aiming to raise €1,500 for charity, through donations. We have already raised over €400 through their go get funding account which can be found by CLICKING HERE.  

Watch this space for regular updates! 

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