Thoughts We All Had Watching Last Night’s Eurovision Semi-Final


It’s finally here – the night we’ve waited 2 years for (and Destiny for 18). But enough chitter-chatter… let’s walk through all the thoughts we had watching yesterday’s semi-final.


It’s an annual tradition to forget who last year’s winner is … right?


I felt a collective “kemm hi twila !!!!!” from every Maltese person seeing NikkieTutorials for the first time



*Cries in national average height of 5’5’’*



*furiously takes dancing notes from Lithuania*



Two songs in and we’re already fighting the urge to sleep through ballads… 



Can we perform a bit earlier in the final so I can at least nap through the ballads, please?


Grateful to Russia for teaching us how we can show off as much of those quarantine ASOS hauls as possible



Sweden gave us the token boy with rings and nail polish



Reports tell us Harry Styles was in fact found shaking.


Love this colorful number from our favorite European country, Australia 



 Quickly acknowledging that we watched 6 performances without a single Schwarzkopf ad


Suspicious Weird GIF - Suspicious Weird CardiB GIFs


Is this the new normal that everyone’s been talking about?



Ireland is us showing off our new quarantine hobby



The annual tradition of screaming “THIS SONG SOUNDS JUST LIKE [generic pop song]”



I’m sure Lady Gaga would be very happy with this Bad Romance cover though!


Thank you, Norway for reminding us why we watch this show in the first place



Right after a song called El Diablo too … phenomenal.


“So how’d you use all your free time during the pandemic?”



Belgium attacked us with this opening lyric



Israel tried to distract us from that situation with whistle notes



‘Set me free’ on the screen too … uhm anyways, so


Ariana Grande got married last weekend and STILL managed to perform for Azerbaijan



Ukraine had us wanting to go to a spin class with this techno bop



If you sat still through this song, I’m sorry but you’re boring.






^ Me unmuting on Zoom for exactly two seconds to get those lecture participation marks.


You guys, it’s not the pink outfit… WE CAN SLEEP PEACEFULLY TONIGHT



And the boots stayed up the whole performance too!


This shot was so cinematic wow



We love a good panning shot.


Ate it up and left no crumbs you can’t lie



As quite a passive Eurovision watcher, even I have to admit it.


Happy New Year!



Wooooow we made it… we definitely didn’t expect that at all!



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