This Week’s Forecast? Rain and Thunder Once Again, with Chances of Hail


Just when you thought that this weekend’s weather is over and done with and you can go back to enjoying the last few days of summer, the Meteorological Office at Malta International Airport gives us an updated 7-day forecast, including a weather warning, to top it all off.

Following yesterday’s storms, which brought with them floods, waterspouts and waterfalls, we are to expect, according to the Met Office, some further thunderstorms today, possibly with hail.



Expect Thundery showers today and tomorrow, with temperatures still hitting the 30s! Isolated Showers are forecast for Wednesday and from Thursday onwards things will start going back to Sunny with clouds here and there



From now we already cannot wait for you guys to send us your best photos, as we love to share them with our followers! In the meantime, make sure to keep yourself safe, especially when driving, and for Christmas fans out there, NO – hail does not mean that you can start playing Mariah Carey from now!


Photo: Raymond Mifsud