This ‘Stranger Things’ Star Could Be The Next Wolverine…


Hugh Jackman has officially said goodbye to Wolverine… but that does not mean that the character won’t make a return to the big screen!



His cryptic posts have confused the Wolverine fans, who took it as a clue that he might just be returning as Wolverine in the future Marvel film. Hugh’s posts consisted of a photo of himself with Marvel CEO Kevin Feige from a few years ago, as well as a poster of Wolverine’s claws by Hollywood graphic artist Boss Logic.



Currently, Hugh holds the Guinness World Record for “longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero.” However, he will soon be leaving his claws behind.



Plus, these posts could have easily been a tribute to his renowned character and a sign that he is now giving over the reins to Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and his ever-growing franchise. Nevertheless, fans still took it to Twitter to express the confusion Hugh left them with.



Whether he is Wolverine or not, he has already hinted at his wish to see the Wolverine teaming up with the Avengers.  So who will be the next Wolverine to take up this challenge?


While Hugh Jackman has previously stated that he wants Tom Hardy to take over as Wolverine, the latest rumours may state otherwise… Turns out, the mischievous and mysterious Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things could just be our next Wolverine!



According to Heroic Hollywood, Dacre Montgomery, who starred in Stranger Things and Power Rangers, is the favorite among the Marvel producers. The rumors were fuelled further by a fan art poster that was posted on Instagram.



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The photograph shows Dacre smoking a cigarette and wearing Wolverine claws, as well as a Hugh Jackman-like hairdo.


Currently, the fans seem to have some mixed feelings on Dacre being the next Wolverine… 



Would you want to see Dacre Montgomery as Wolverine?

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