This New Initiative Will Help Safeguard the Welfare of Abandoned Animals


Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government, José Herrera, alongside Anton Refalo, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Rights launched a new project – Local Council Care Fund 2020 – which aims at raising funds for the safety and care of stray animals.


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This funding is offering financial aid to 50 local councils to promote initiatives and projects in favour of abandoned animals, including the establishment of dog parks, cat cafes, among other projects, in various localities in both Malta and Gozo.



50 applications were accepted following examination and were awarded 80% of the costs, totalling to €318,727.27.


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Additionally, this is meant to encourage local councils to work on projects that help safeguard the welfare of abandoned animals whilst promoting awareness of this situation in different social categories. Minister Refalo also pledged to continue to support local councils in carrying out projects that have the potential to improve animal welfare.



José Herrera added that this is a project which is meant to bring local councils closer to the people, involving citizens in carrying out work in favour of animal protection. Herrera shared, ‘I am pleased that about 50 local councils have applied for funding’.


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Meanwhile, the areas currently being given priority are cat cafes, dog parks, maintenance projects and cat stations to help improve their environment and well-being, incentives for veterinary services and contribution to costs like medicine, food, and transportation.

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