This New App Tracks All Of The Places You Want To Remember


If you’ve ever had problems recording your favourite picnic spot, or maybe a random restaurant you once came across but could never forget about, then say goodbye to iPhone Notes, and say hello to Step: Culture Map, a new app that helps you track all of the places you want to remember!


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This innovative app is designed to help users explore the world and was designed by a female-led tech company to enable people to gather all of their lists of places onto one platform.



‘Both Robyn [Nicholl] and I were constantly sending our friends long lists of recommendations we had stored in multiple places – notebooks, iPhone notes, Google sheets… You name it! Step is the tool we had been long searching for, so we decided to build it ourselves,’ as co-founder Rachel Rockowitz shared.


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Step can be used to track any physical place, from restaurants and bars to hotels, shops, and gyms. After making an account, all users need to do is start compiling their all-time favourite spots.



Plus, you can even share your favourite places with your friends and families through their profiles. You can also personalise your list by adding comments or even photos!


Step is currently only available to Apple users but will be available for Android users in early 2022, just in time for safe travels!

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