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This Maltese Upcycling Queen Is Saving Our Planet, By Giving “Old Clothes A Second Chance”

Flien’s Instagram is full of upcycled scrunchies, headbands, and sewn tops – which all come from recycled material. Her goal? To provide customers with a wider variety of upcycled clothes and accessories. But so far, her journey has been an exciting one, to say the least.

We caught up with her to learn a bit more about what she does and why she does it!

“Initially, back in 2018, the idea was to sew pieces and create a platform to share my creations. By the time that Flien’s platform was created, which is in February 2020, I have become more aware of the negative environmental and ethical issues that the fast fashion industry brings with it. Having the environment conservation at heart has shifted the original idea to this one, upcycling unused clothes.

“First of all the fabric is washed thoroughly using cold water and hung to dry, so as to minimize carbon pollution. Then I rip the seams which is quite a time-consuming process. After that, I cut the fabric into the desired pattern and sew.


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“From an early age, I have watched my mum sewing, and very often she would make us (me and my sisters) a hair scrunchie from leftover fabric from one of her projects. I also had a tiny little sewing machine that I had received as a Christmas present. I would try to sew on fabric scraps, so one can say the aspiration started at an early stage.  I would say my mum has been a great inspiration behind Flien as well as some of my closest friends who have encouraged me to create Flien.

“I have a keen interest in fashion, and I follow multiple fashion platforms, which, if I’m being honest, us where I get some of my inspiration from. However, I do not agree with the lack of ethics and the sourcing of some of these brands so I do feel that Flien is a great alternative. Our motto is; Being fashionable doesn’t have to come at the expense of exploited individuals and the environment!”


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And what a motto that is. Usually, Flien also takes personal requests – you can give her any material of your liking, and she will upcycle it to whatever it is that your heart desires. But times are a bit challenging at the moment, as Flien explains.

“At the time being, considering the current Covid-situation we are not taking personal requests so as to minimise contact. As soon as the situation is under control again we shall announce on our page that we will be accepting requests!”

For now, you can admire and buy whatever Flien has already upcycled by visiting her Insta page and messaging her with your order!