This Maltese fashionista has been posting celeb inspired outfit photos and we are living for it!

It seems like 2019 had a common trend going for it.

Sarah Zerafa has been smashing it with her TV Series outfit inspos, and now Deborah Saliba, has been getting inspiration from celebs and their rocking outfits.

From Selena Gomez to Ryan Reynolds, this girl has been showing us how you don’t need to break the bank to look like your fave celeb.  All you need is an eye for detail, and some imagination.

Obviously, she starts off with a bang … Selena Gomez

Is it jut me or does she really look like Jessica Alba here?

And it’s not just the outfit, she genuinely looks like her right?

I love how she makes looking like Zendaya so effortless

Ever wanted to look like Olivia Culpo?

What’s that? Oh, you don’t know who Olivia Culpo is …

Yeah, not gonna lie, that makes two of us.

You’ll probably recognise her as the model who used to date Nick Jonas.

She even gave us a male-inspired outfit, and may I just say, she is rocking that outfit

I mean … who would’ve thought a Ryan Reynolds inspired outfit would look so good?

Well done Deborah! We can’t wait for more outfit inspos.

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