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This Maltese Artist is Slaying the Internet With Her Jaw-Dropping Drag Looks

Tattoo artist by day, king of drag looks by night. Kim Cauchi has been slaying the internet one drag look at a time and we are in absolute awe.

“Drag was a natural progression that started off with an interest in art, and gradually moved onto makeup and an expression my own queer identity,” Kim tells Bay.

“While I had always enjoyed doing makeup when I was young, in between school and eventually starting a career in tattooing, I had left any experimentation on the back burner.”

“Being queer, I was introduced to drag at clubs such as klozet, AXM and later as most, shows like Ru Paul’s Drag race and Dragula. I was floored with how amazing the transformation was and what a sense of community lay behind the art.

“I would do some looks and would only share with friends for the time being. I was too shy to post anything or go out publicly with the looks I created. There was also this misconception that as a woman I wouldn’t be “able” to do drag so to speak.

“Last December was the first time I went out in male drag for Lollipop’s ‘mask 4 mask’ party, and the reaction I got was amazing! People were so accepting and encouraging.

“Since then I dived head first into makeup and sewing my own looks and it’s become a very therapeutic way for me to express my own creativity and thoughts on gender identity.

“I get my inspiration from a lot of vintage fashion, the alternative and bdsm community, and from other artists who represent the femme and non-binary drag such as Androgin King, The Arseniek, HitsuBlu and Juno Birch.

“What I mostly aim to do with my drag is blur the lines between what most conceive to be binary genders , I want to challenge what most believe should be masculinity and femininity by marrying the two and experiencing the beauty of both.

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“My looks will mostly differ depending on how I’m feeling, sometimes more on the feminine or masculine end, but they evolving along with my own sense of identity.

“I would love to see more people participating in drag in Malta and I hope to see our club scene thrive in the near future!”

Slay henny!