This Job Will Pay You To Eat Cheese & Drink Wine


Have our prayers been answered?



Honestly, the best way to stuff your face while still feeling elegant is through feasting on wine and charcuterie boards. It’s the perfect balance of indulgence and class… AND it gets even better because Cartwright and Butler are willing to pay you for it!


Cartwright & Butler are currently on the hunt for a festive wine and cheese reviewer, where you’ll be asked to try out a selection of wines and cheeses, as well as biscuits and crackers – which are a must for camembert and brie, am I right?



After trying each product, you’ll then be asked to provide feedback on the experience – everything from taste to packaging.


On top of that, you’ll be paid €600 for the position, and not to mention the working hours are flexible… All they ask is that their cheese and wine tester has ‘a finely tuned Christmas palette with a love for all Christmas flavours’ and ‘bundles of Christmas spirit and enthusiasm’.



On the Instagram post announcing the job opening, people were quite keen on the opportunity, with users commenting that they’ve ‘found’ their ‘calling’.


clear wine glass with red liquid


Oh, and don’t worry, previous experience isn’t required, they just ask for ‘a passion for all things Christmas cheese, crackers, and wine’.



So ‘if you brie-lieve you’re the one’ (their pun, not ours… we swear!), you can send in your application and a short description of why you’d be the perfect candidate to: [email protected]

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