“This is Wrong on So Many Counts” – Dead Animals are a Daily Occurrence on Wasteserv’s Recyling Line


Malta’s National Waste Agency, Wasteserv has this morning published a graphic image showing a dead rabbit on one of its recycling lines, saying that this is a daily occurrence on the said line, through the grey recyclables bag, which is meant for plastic and other material which can actually be recycled.

The Agency rightfully said, that this is wrong on so many counts.



Sharing the graphic image in the hope that it raises awareness of the risk to the health and safety of its employees, Wasteserv appealed to the general public to safeguard their workers, and to support them in the noble task which they have in hand, on a daily basis.

For people who would need to dispose of dead animals for incineration, Wasteserv have an incinerator available, or else the Cleansing Department can be contacted if the dead animal would be on a public road.


We have blurred out the image shown on the Agency’s Instagram account.