This is what the Isle of MTV artists have been up to in Malta!

With the Isle of MTV concert just a few hours away, Bebe Rexha and Ava Max have already done their fair share of island exploring in the past few days.

But what have they been up to?

Well, both of them took the time to see Malta by sea.

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And they seemed to have enjoyed it. Bebe Rexha’s Insta stories are full of caves and sea, but if we have to be honest, Ava Max’s Comino photo just doesn’t do it justice does it?

Bebe also put up a story dancing to one of Malta’s political party anthems.

And while Bebe Rexha seemed to enjoy a traditional Maltese fish dinner, Ava Max got a taste of the typically hot Maltese summer. Now whether or not she’s enjoying the heat is a whole other story.

bebe rexha Malta                              Ava Max Malta

Ava has posted photos of her sound check on the Isle of MTV stage, and Bebe seems to have sung a duet of her song ‘Last Hurrah’ with a young Maltese boy; go see her story to check it out!

While we can’t wait to see them on stage tonight, we hope they continue to enjoy our little island in all its glory for the rest of their stay!

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