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This Is How Travelling Might Look Like Post-COVID-19 Following EU Commission Proposal


A gradual lifting of borders has been proposed by the EU’s executive in an attempt to kick-start a tourist industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.


Photo by OLIVIER HOSLET/POOL/AFP via Getty Images


The European Commission said its guidance was based on the principles of safety and non-discrimination. The Commission also worked on this plan keeping in mind that tourism provides almost 10% of Europe’s economic output and millions of jobs across the 27 member states relied on it.

Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager said no-one should travel if they felt sick or experienced symptoms.



The non-binding plans involve countries collaborating and working in synergy to gradually remove the travel bans and then border checks, while keeping targeted measures as the Covid-19 outbreak comes under control across the member states.

A phased approach would start by allowing seasonal workers across borders, followed by a lifting of restrictions between countries with the virus under a similar level control and then the opening of all the EU’s internal borders.



So what is the EU Commission Proposing?

Among the proposals there are the following:

  • Rail and air tickets should be bought and checked in online with physical distancing at security checks
  • Food and drink may no longer be on sale on board flights to limit contact



  • Fewer passengers should be allowed on board aircraft, buses, trains and ferries and disinfecting gels should be available
  • Passengers not from the same household may be seated apart
  • All transport staff should have protective equipment, with possible protective barriers for drivers.
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